Tack Update

Greetings, cavalcandians!

Today we have prepared a little update: we have finally decided to show you a glimpse of some tack – A classic leather halter. The halter will be available in five colours, including two buckle colours of your choice: gold and silver.
These are the colours, from left to right: Black, dark brown, burgundy, brown and tan.

classic leather halter
Also, please welcome the gorgeous gray Thoroughbred stallion, that will now be the model for our tack and accessories. Such a noble model should have no ill-fitting name either, what would you call this handsome stallion? Leave your suggestions in the comments and see you next time!

Cavalcando team

8 thoughts on “Tack Update

  1. Johanna

    “Sir Ruffian” like the racehorse Ruffian, died in 1975. Let him be as strong and fast like the real Ruffian. But I hope he won’t die like her.

  2. Blue Dragonswing

    I think his name should be be Astéri Chronikó which is Star Chronicle in Greek Orarchikí Astéron whish is Original Star

  3. Claire McLean

    I think that this thoroughbred stallion should be named “Lo Stallone Grigio” which translates in Italian to “The Gray Stallion.”


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