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Dear Community,

We introduce you to some news today. Every language we support will be available in the next few days at our preview – pages. Furthermore we added some values which are connected with the database.
As we promised, you will now get to know more about the process of how the Beta will work. For the first two weeks, we’ll chose up to 10 of you who get the chance to participate in the “Closed Beta”. Those users are invited to keep close contact to us and to test the game intensively. Afterwards, we’ll start a pool-system to admit more people into the closed Beta. Every pool has a certain limit of possible registrations. There will be two pools: the User – Pool and the Veterans’ Pool. These pools will be depleted and re – opened every week, therefore, new users will be able to register according to the principle “first come – first serve”

The remaining question is: why do we need two pools? Those exist because we want to offer the veterans – namely those who registered during the advent calendar in 2013 – some advantages over the newbies.
Depending on whether the Beta is a success or not, we’ll expand the pools’ size every week, however, we’ll never admit more than 1000 users to keep this manageable.
How long we’ll keep the closed Beta running hasn’t yet been established, but we hold two months to be realistic. Afterwards, we’ll reset all the test accounts and start the open Beta.
The gifts you collected throughout the quizzes and the advent calendar will be given to you when the open Beta starts. If there is a reset after the Open Beta, you’ll get these gifts again.

Please consider that the vast most of us is stuck in their examination period. Both of our programmers are preparing for their Matura and Bachelor – this period will last until mid – June.

Stay tuned for more information,
Best regards, your Cavalcando – Team

8 thoughts on “Beta Information

  1. Amiara

    So excited to read this news post!
    I check your Facebook several times a week. I am very much in love with the artwork!
    How do I enter the pool for the English site?
    Since it’s first come, first serve, I intend, and hope, to be one of the first entering the pool 😉

    1. cavalcando Post author

      Hello 🙂 you can’t enter in the pool – you have to register to the Game and then you see if you got a free place – that’s meant by first come, first serve.

    1. cavalcando Post author

      That’s correct, but we will announce it soon enough when the beta will start – so that you can prepare.

  2. River

    Im having trouble finding how to play the English version I click the horse I want Thoroughbred then is sends me to an other page the only says No Breed. Please help me


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