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Racing Tack

Greetings, cavalcandians!

Today we thought is a nice day to present to you a set of racing tack. The set consists of the following separate items: racing bridle, snaffle, cheeker, racing saddle, breastplate, saddlecloth, vetrap bandages (for hind legs or for all four legs). Items will be in a variety of color combinations.

And as always our loyal model will be the gray Thoroughbred stallion Sir Percival, whose name you have helped us to decide! Thank you all for the wonderful ideas!

Cavalcando team

Pregnant Horse

Hello, cavalcandians!
Today we are delighted to share with you the news that we have kept a secret for a long time. Many of you have repeatedly asked and wondered whether there is going to ba a difference between pregnant horses and not. Our answer is yes, there is!
We decided that the introduction of this feature will make the game even more detailed and realistic, and it is precisely what we are striving for!pregnant mare

Thoroughbred Yearling

Greetings, cavalcandians!

Today, we are glad to present to you the Thoroughbred yearling. After many hours of work and a long wait, this handsome fella is finally ready to be unveiled. We can say, it took such a long time that the foal has really grown! Awkward and clumsy as an ugly duckling, he is sure to turn into a beautiful swan! We hope you are pleased with our addition to the stables as much as we are.

Until next time,
Cavalcando team

age stage TB

Tack Update

Greetings, cavalcandians!

Today we have prepared a little update: we have finally decided to show you a glimpse of some tack – A classic leather halter. The halter will be available in five colours, including two buckle colours of your choice: gold and silver.
These are the colours, from left to right: Black, dark brown, burgundy, brown and tan.

classic leather halter
Also, please welcome the gorgeous gray Thoroughbred stallion, that will now be the model for our tack and accessories. Such a noble model should have no ill-fitting name either, what would you call this handsome stallion? Leave your suggestions in the comments and see you next time!

Cavalcando team

Beta Information

Dear Community,

We introduce you to some news today. Every language we support will be available in the next few days at our preview – pages. Furthermore we added some values which are connected with the database.
As we promised, you will now get to know more about the process of how the Beta will work. For the first two weeks, we’ll chose up to 10 of you who get the chance to participate in the “Closed Beta”. Those users are invited to keep close contact to us and to test the game intensively. Afterwards, we’ll start a pool-system to admit more people into the closed Beta. Every pool has a certain limit of possible registrations. There will be two pools: the User – Pool and the Veterans’ Pool. These pools will be depleted and re – opened every week, therefore, new users will be able to register according to the principle “first come – first serve”

The remaining question is: why do we need two pools? Those exist because we want to offer the veterans – namely those who registered during the advent calendar in 2013 – some advantages over the newbies.
Depending on whether the Beta is a success or not, we’ll expand the pools’ size every week, however, we’ll never admit more than 1000 users to keep this manageable.
How long we’ll keep the closed Beta running hasn’t yet been established, but we hold two months to be realistic. Afterwards, we’ll reset all the test accounts and start the open Beta.
The gifts you collected throughout the quizzes and the advent calendar will be given to you when the open Beta starts. If there is a reset after the Open Beta, you’ll get these gifts again.

Please consider that the vast most of us is stuck in their examination period. Both of our programmers are preparing for their Matura and Bachelor – this period will last until mid – June.

Stay tuned for more information,
Best regards, your Cavalcando – Team

Happy New Year!

Greetings, cavalcandians!

Happy New 2015 year!

In the past year we have done a great deal of work on the game. The core system – which is in charge of all the processes in the game – was completed. It is the most important element of the program! New breeds were drawn and we finished an incredible amount of colors and markings. Our work on the design of the game proceeds, and the guest page was finished – this is the first page you see while visiting the game.

In addition, we continue to build a very friendly community on social networks, whose support is a great encouragement for us to work on the game. During last year we have reached and crossed the threshold of 1,000 subscribers on Facebook and VK, nearly 300 people stay tuned for updates on Tumblr, and about a hundred people read our news on Twitter.

Despite all the problems faced by our team, we continue to work on Cavalcando with a small, but friendly and productive team. Thanks to your support, the game will definitely come out!

Recently we mentioned the preparation of the New Year surprise for you. We hope you enjoy it!

Some time ago, we showed a fragment of western tack. Today we are pleased to present a full Western set in all its glory! The tack will be available in a variety of colors.

western set

Like we mentioned above, we have also prepared the home page of the site for you! The page is already semi-interactive, you can check it out here: So far the page is available only in English, but translations will follow.

Happy New Year!

Best regards,

Cavalcando team

Yiehaa Updates

Unfortunately, due to our team’s schedule which includes a lot of studying for exams, we can’t present you a mass of new things. However, this does not mean our working process on the game has stopped, but we needed to slow it down a bit. Our programmers are currently working on the game’s code, and here are some good news: the system’s core, on which the entire game is built, is nearly finished, and that is an utterly big step forward for Cavalcando. Furthermore, our artists are working on the tack and design in every  minuet they can offer.
Moreover, we updated toe ToDo List by making it more detailed.
Please notice: we did not add new tasks, but announced their presence on the list.
Additionally, we are happy to announce that we’ve prepared a great surprise coming out this Saturday, and we really hope you guys enjoy it!
Meanwhile, you may want to sneak a peek on the western tack.